Why Do People Use Self Storage?

The use of self storage units is becoming increasingly common, whether it’s because people are preparing for a house move or they simply don’t have enough room in their current home. Self storage offers a practical and more affordable solution for those that simply do not have enough space to store their items. We’ve compiled a list of the main reasons why people decide to use self storage:

Lack of Space

If you are finding yourself running out of space and are perhaps planning to upsize to a bigger property with the intention of having more room in your home. More and more people are opting for a domestic self storage unit as a temporary solution for their storage needs. An ideal solution for those that wish to store furniture, a collection of old books or DVD’s or perhaps seasonal decorations that you only get out once a year.

Moving Home

An increasing number of people are prepared to move out of their old home before moving to their new one to prevent losing a sale. In that situation, it can be hard to know what to do with your furniture, this is where self storage units come in handy.

Ideal For Businesses

Self storage units are a convenient solution for small business owners that are in need of storage for excess stock and furniture. According to the Self Storage Association UK, business use of self storage overtook domestic use for the first time in 2016. Commercial storage and archive storage both make for efficient ways of saving space in your office and can even give you the opportunity to downsize as a result of the space you’ll have saved.

University Students

During the summer months, millions of uni students head back home or go on holiday to enjoy the sunshine. If you are a uni student that has to travel across the country to get back home, it can be hard to lumber everything back home. Especially if you are planning to move into a different house or halls for the upcoming year. Therefore, we would suggest using storage for these months while you’re away from university to ensure that safety of your goods.

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